Print precision - 25 mm OD tube fit

I have a FLSUN QQ-S printer. While a 100x100x100 calibration print is perfect in the Z axis, both X and Y are by 0.55 mm larger. I do not want to mess with calibrating the Delta printer, since I could do more harm than good, so I scaled all the parts using Repetier to 0.995 in XY dimensions before slicing. I printed one of the parts (XZ Side Belt) to try out the fit for the tubes and it is definitely not a tight fit so that I would have to push the tube by force. Is there any test for a correct fit? E.g. if it is a too tight fit with a sheet of A4 paper inserted, then it is OK. When I measure the 25 mm STL part, it actually has 25.4 mm ID. Is that correct? If yes, then it seems I have a perfect fit now.

The measured ID of the printed part is exactly 25.4 mm, so I will continue printing.

I’m printing using the same printer and the parts measure 25.15 - 25.17

Interesting. This is also the only printer I have that prints (slightly) larger objects. All the others are a few tenths smaller. I have all the parts printed more or less successfully, so now I only have to build the thing:)