Print quality went down - Vibration?


All of a sudden, the quality of my prints went down especially for the rounded parts. When you look at it, it seems like something make the extruder to vibrate.

I re-tighten the belts but no success. For me doing something round involve a synchronous X and Y displacement. Is it possible that a bearing
went bad on the X or Y or both producing such thing?


[attachment file=49808]
[attachment file=49809]

Is that twice as tall as it should be?

What changed to make it that way?

New filament?

Could be a few things really.

No this is the exact real size, I took the photo real close.

The last thing that change was that I replace the threaded cylinder of the extruder including the PTFE liner which was my previous problem. After that I was able to print 2 part ok although I could sense that this problem was starting to happen. Same filament, exact same parameters. I even try to print 40% slower but I had the same result.

This is the first I experience this problem since I built the printer.

Dam, I have seen this exact thing before. I can not remember what it was.

It looks like it was way too hot, is the thermistor seated well, and the print fan is on when it should be?

The printer is also noiser than it was before that’s why I am suspecting the bearings. Also a friend told me that those bearings should be oriented the right way. Is there really a right to install those bearings. I can honestly say that I slide them in place without knowing if there is a specific way.

Well for sure because of my problem with the PTFE liner, I had to remove and re-insert the heater and the thermistor several times. It seems well in place and the temperature on the LCD panel is exactly to what I set it.

I wonder how I can check the real temperature of the block or the nozzle.

Depending on how your part was oriented when it was printing, maybe your extruder mount cracked. One way is good the other way is crap. Something must be flopping around in the breeze, while it is cold try and wiggle the nozzle with your finger and see where it moves from .

Looks a lot like my first prints. What slicer are you using? No matter what I did I had issues using slic3r on models with any sort of curve. Mechanically my machine was fine, so it ended up being software. I changed to simplify 3d and cura, problem solved.

Only other time I have seen a part come out like this was in this video. Jump to about 28 seconds and see if it sounds like it could be your issue.