Printed 608 bearings?

Any chance these printed 608 bearings would work and make the MPCNC even more printed?

Or this, if you have too many 0.177" steel BBs lying around:

Only one way to find out! let us know how it goes. We do destroy aluminum and some softer steel so I feel like you would be changing these out pretty often. We use the bearings with a point load not a distributed load. They would probably only stand a chance if you made the contact surface match your tubes diameter.

They will also introduce a lot of artifacts in whatever you’ll print or mill, because of the seam lines and tiny defects on the oustide rim.

Worth a try though, but don’t expect them to work well for long.

I’ve had a printed bearing in a whirly-gig on my porch for the last year. They won’t last on the cnc. They’re also not very smooth running like Dui said.