Printed part preferred slicer

What is the slicer of choice for the printed parts?

I typically use slic3r, but I know that there are times that a slicer makes a huge difference on the finished part, and I would prefer not to have fit issue, etc.



I used slicer, then once I was printing the last part i realized that I was printing at .2mm layer heights. Don’t be like me. Pick a reasonable layer height.

Cura is my slicer of choice. I started with slic3r and then went to Repitier than ended with Cura

The latest version of slic3r 1.2.9 works pretty well. I used 0.3mm layers for everything with no problems and printed much faster than some of the print times mentioned here and on Thingiverse.

I did very light filing on some of the small bolt holes and some light sanding on the X and Y Rollers to tweak squareness. (My printer is a Kickstarter Robo3D with ED3V5 and an XXL LDC.)

Steve C

I’m using slic3r. I’ve printed the corner blocks and locks so far at .2mm. Why is that not a good height, and what would be a better height to print at? Thanks!


The only reason to use 0.3 instead of 0.2 is that it will take less time to print and the extra layer resolution is not necessary. I tend to get impatient with long prints. I like saving 20 minutes per hour :slight_smile: