Printed Parts – 25.4mm -1″

Been tryin to find the ship time on part Printed Parts – 25.4mm -1″ but it seems that the contact me doesnt work…just wondering if i should fix my printer or order the parts and make a new printer with those

I have a few contact eamils from this morning and I just doubled checked it. What browser are you using?

I ship USPS priority. Usually the same business day or next depending on what time your order. I have no idea what country your in so just have a look at for estimated ship times.

I use chrome and i get an email a couple hours later saying the email is invalid…i was just wanting to make sure u have it printed and all. I have all the rest but fuck this printer.

I’m not sure what’s up with the contact page for you. I Have gotten a few more since this morning.

If the shop says it’s in stock, I have them ready to go. I am down to 2 sets right now, 1 more should be done in the morning.

same colors?

Very close to what is in the pictures

also do u not sell the 5/16 x .75″ coupling nut

Comes with the hardware kit, do you need a separate one?

yeah i have been collecting things over the past few months and only need a couple things… i will be ordering the rest of the things i need from u

btw u r fuckin on time with getting back to me lol

HAHAHAHAHAH, I’m sitting at the desk testing threaded rods…My least favorite thing to do. So I am looking for anything to distract me.

When you place your order remind me about the coupler nut

alrighty man i sent in a order and a little letter with it lmk thx man

hey man was just wondering what types of filament will the mk8 use

Anything that prints at 260C or less (it has a PTFE liner). That includes most PET and PETG, except maker geeks didn’t work for me.

i have a shit ton of abs left from my da vinci 2.0 and didnt want to waste it but not sure if i should switch to pla

The extruder will print ABS just fine.

I thought you said you had gotten maker geeks pla to work…

PLa is fine at 230C, but I tried the PET all the way up to 275 and never got a good print. Hatchbox pet worked great at about 235.

hey man i used ur contact page and sent u an email if u can see if it went through and hit me back plz