Printed parts recommended perimeters/infill settings?

I’ve done a keyword search here for the recommended perimeter/infill settings for the various parts and find MANY different recommendations. Is there a table somewhere here showing the generally recommended perimeters/infill for each of the various PLA part types? If not, it would be VERY handy to have one.

I have seen recommendations for 250 micron layer height and slow print speed (~30mm/s) to produce stronger parts. Is that the general consensus? Are there any other generally recommended optimum figures for those settings?

I just saw that the perimeter and infill info is listed in the parts table on the parts page here, so there’s the answer…

It sorta depends on what kind of plastic you print the parts with. If you’re printing with pla, then go with the spreadsheet. If you’re going with pet-g, add a top, bottom, perimeter layer, it’s a bit more flexible than pla, and this will stiffen it up a bit.