Printed parts vs bolts.

So I’m happily assembling a lowrider from the hardware kit from V1Engineering, and parts I printed myself. Most of the parts have been a little snug on the 5/16 inch bolts. However, when I came to the Y-tension (cone shaped parts) they were really a job to get on the bolts. Are Y-tension parts designed to be a bit tighter than the others, or do I just have a particularly bad print?

Thanks ahead for everyones help!

All of mine just slid on.

Thanks! Must just be my print. I’ll tweak the settings and give it another try

You can always drill the holes to clean them up a little if the rest of the dimensions are looking OK.

I was going to suggest drilling them too. You are going to toss them anyway, might as well try to drill them.

Agreed, this should be much less fussy to build, drill it! I made everything looser since there is basically no parts stacking to worry about.

I had a few spots that were snug on some of my low rider printed parts. I ended up just “reaming” them all out with a drill bit - most it didn’t really remove anything but a few it clearanced just enough that things slid together easily. Only took me a few minutes to chase every hole while I had the bit in the chuck.

Thanks everyone! I tried reprinting with decreased feed-rate thinking it was possibly from over extruding, but it came out virtually the same.
It’s drillin’ time!