Printer and Slicing settings

I want to collect different settings to help new CNC users and to avoid waste of time and filament.

These are my settings:

  • Vellemann K8200 Printer with heated bed
  • 0.5mm nozzle (0.0196")
  • Cura settings:
    • layer height: 0,25mm
    • speed: 53mm/s, outer perimeters: 50mm/s, infill: 86mm/s
    • hull thickness: 0.8mm, top/bottom thickness: 0,6mm
    • overlap 15%
    • infill: automatic, 50%
    • solid top and solid bottom enabled
    • using 5mm brim, no support or raft needed at all
  • printing on heated bed (60°C) with capton tape, works very good and parts can be easily removed when bed is cold again

Please post your settings and experiences too!

Here are my settings:

Soliddoodle 2 Pro

0.4mm nozzle
Cura settings:
0.2mm layer layer height
40% infill
bottom and top 3 layers solid
0 brim, 0 support, 0 raft
bed heated to 70C, nozzle at 112C
All parts printed with PLA.

All the parts at 50% infill?

I hope not,