printhead settings

ok what would be the best settings for printhead? I have a few flashforge print head assembly’s abut I have never done marlin for 3d printing ive been reading and reading but I find it jumps all over the place I got ramps 1.4 marlin from… here now with printhead as mentioned above with all new thermistor etc… what the steps or any other setting in marlin…or anyother setting? thanks

I also no you have to reverse the z for printing so is there a way that easy to do both with out having to go and change the firmware?

Here’s a getting started guide,

great thanks …now if its not pluged in and I’m using router wont I get an error in repetier host?

I leave everything plugged in, but if you want to unplug it just put the resistor 100k Ohm on T0.

k sorry so what I under stand is when I unplug it I have to have a resister installed? also in the soft ware do I have to set different evertime? I.E router the hour later I want to print…do I have to change all the setting to make the z go in other direction?

Just leave it plugged, way easier. Or yes, plug in the resistor. Same software the z travel never changes except in your gcode, that is standard. The firmware Never changes, your gcode takes care of that.

Try looking through the estlcam tutorial and the import extruder tutorial. Might explain things a bit better.