printing flexible filaments (tpu for example)

Hey everyone. I have another question. Didn’t know if anyone here has experience printing flexible filaments like TPU with their MK8 exturder? I’ve tried printing TPU in the past with my Wade extruder but the filament keeps getting pushed back up and will not feed through the hot end. I’ve seen where folks have trimmed back their PTFE liner at a 45 degree angle to help guide the filament down but I haven’t had any success. Has anyone here had success printing TPU with their MK8 extruder? I’m going to give it a shot on my MPCNC soon and just wanted to see if someone here has had good results or tips. Thanks!

The mk8 is actually really good with flexible filament. If you have any issues, you can move the throat closer to the bearing and pinch gear.

When I tried printing flexible filament (ninjaflex), the trick for me was to have printer move with constant speed. This way the extrusion rate and pressure in the nozzle is constant.

Also print really slow.