printing from SD Card

Hi all,

I just bought and LCD from the store so that I can start printing standalone but I have run into a small problem. Here is the scenario: I normally print using Repetier host and set the printer Z height using the paper test. In Repetier host I set the first layer height to 0.3mm and normally get a good first layer. Now I use Repetier host to write a gcode file to the SD card and include the standard header that gets pre-pended to the file. When I run the file from the SD card the first layer is squashed to the point that it looks like it starts at Z0 not the 0.3mm when run from Repetier host. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

The MP3DP printer is working great, I am really happy with the results, good job Ryan.


Never mind, I fixed it. I needed to home the printer using Marlin prior to printing, even though I had homed it using Repetier host.