Printing is going wrong. Repetier is showing the printing according to the....

Hi, more trouble to be solved. Printing is going wrong. Repetier is showing the printing according to the drawing but what is being printed is other thing.Most of the time, just a line. One line over the same line, repeatidily. Maybe a wrong gcode or .nc file? Help , please. I attached .nc file I am trying to print but without success. Silvio (11.7 KB)

Well the file looks okay, It is pretty big though.

If you are only getting a line your other axis is probably just not moving. Can you move all axis with repieter manually?

Yes. I can move all axis manually by Repetier. The test file printing starts ok but after some time the printing goes wrong like I described before. Trying with other file I noticed the same problem. Could you attach me one good file you know it is ok just for other test? Thanks

Try this. It’s a 50ml centrifuge tube holder I made.

It’s made to be cut out of quarter inch plywood with a 1/8th inch cutter. (1.83 KB)

I have an idea, I’m guessing you didn’t get this from me. If not did you set your drivers? Sounds like it’s over heating a driver.

Hi, my friends. It works. Look this pic. I think I had bad files to test before.

Now I need to learn how to generate good nc files and gcode.

Thanks, friends and have a wonderfull July, 4th. Enjoy


Thanks, @Barry

Hi, Vicious1. Please, give me instructions on how to set my drivers. Nowadays, I cannot move manually my drivers by Repetier. Also I need a file tested by you to be tested in my machine. Thanks

I believe most of the information you are requesting can be located here.
Ryan has linked a video there which should describe the procedure.


To set your drivers Neil is right that page has a video That has every step you need.

If you want more help that that we need to know what board you are using exactly what drivers you are using and exactly what steppers with a data sheet.