printing parts for a board game

This video (3 minutes, in 3 parts) is the first cut in wood (MDF).

First minute is timelapse (octopi) so it has got no sound.
Second minute is the examination of the part after the cut
Third minute is the spoil board and the underside of the cut board.

For what I am building this link will take you to the plans for the game.

Will post in this thread the rest of the parts and the final assembly of the game board.

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I cut some more of the parts I needed.

for item 2 and 3 I used the same speed settings but for items 4,5 and 6 I increased the feed rates by 35%, 50 and 75% this decreased the cut time but the relevant print time.

Attached pictures of the 5 parts and the cut area’s. still some cleaning up on the parts of course.

That’s cool. Is it used to add suspense to any dice throwing, or is there a particular advantage for where they land or something?

Building game pieces (specifically settlers of catan pieces) has been a goal for my for a while. Please keep posting.

The smaller parts (the 6 I cut above) if your dice land there is a 4x multiplier. the next tier up is a X3, next teir is x2 and the top teir is x1 (near the lip to teir 2) or x0 (near the initial roll area).

But score is not done until all dies are rolled for everyone. so you can (like the game bowls) roll your die to knock some one else off the board, and/or knock your own die to a higher scoring tier. but beware, you could knock some one else to a higher tier as well. :slight_smile:

The die sets (same color for each player) I got are a D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and D20. players can choose which to roll/when. I have 10 sets of different colored die, so the board (if 10 people are playing) should get really crowded.

The one rule for rolling die is that it must touch the rolling platform atleast once. so you can roll to it (like ping pong) or put the die there and flick it (like, soccer penality goal??)

This type of game is classed as a dexterity game.

Ah, that sounds like fun.

The game you can actually buy in shops and its called “Tumblin Dice” (no G).

Just a MDF home cut version is a good test of the CNC.

Tada! finished CNCing and assembled. (I had to cut some dowel for both legs and locking/aligning pings.

This counts as my first completed project done on my CNC.

Only 2D (with either full cut or 6mm cut). No 3D milling yet.

if anybody wants the DXF files for this, let me know.

Looks cool, I have played a few dice games but nothing like that.

watch a review and play of it at

but I dont play with D6 only. :slight_smile:

Next part I milled for a game.

The board empty and full as per use in the game.

I need to make 3 in all so they can be made into a tower.

Timelapse of the mill is at taken with OctoPi at 1 frame per second. (and the camera was attached to the frame so thats the cause of the minor jitters).

Total mill time 4 hours 29 minutes.

For the floor seperators I will be using my 3D printer and some threaded rods.

The game in question is Burgle Bros. While the game can be played as shipped flat out on a table, there are already some add on you can buy from multiple designers that allow you to play like this in a tower.

Once I have this finished and assembled I will share the design on thingiverse.

Are you still using rotozip bits? That long bit is kinda freaking me out!

Oh I got a 1/4 to 1/8 collet adaptor for the Ozito router, and put a dremel universal bit in.

Thats what I used for the Burgle Bros floor board cut. (and for the next 2)

Agreed using the original bit that came with the ozito was not the best, but at the time I didn’t have the new collet. now that I do I can use a number of bits I got from various sources (including a really nice 22 degree engraving bit).

I just bought Burgle Bros. Hasn’t arrived here yet though. Add this to my list of things other people are doing, that I should be doing instead of hounding the forums…

soon as I have finished and tested my design I will be sharing :slight_smile: so hold off for 2 days.

Attached are photo’s of the bit I used to make tumbling dice, and the dremel bit (1/8 flute) I am using for Burgle Bros

also if you are interested in Burgle Bros add on’s try my component organiser for BB I designed.

If you do print one, be the first of anybody who has downloaded my design to post back a “I printed one”

Ground floor for the game.

I say ground floor as the bit came loose when milling the lower left corner, and slipped out then finally out. (it just rolled on the floor).

Really should have re tigthened the bit before starting.

So I am sayng that corner of the "building"is the entrance to the so-called secured underground car park.

Completed designing, printing and assembling the floor risers.

Its now assembled and I will be trying it out at a games weekend shortly.

Could you please send me the .dxf file for the Tumblin Dice plans?