Printing ToolMount and XY in a horizontal orientation


I´m printing the parts to mount a MPCNC, the parts are looking very very good! The design, the fitting of the parts, is perfect. Thanks a lot to share this very good project!!! :smiley:

My 3D Printer is a old Prusa V2, and my Z Axis have only about 80mm… Not suficiently to print Tool Mount and XY in a vertical orientation.

I´m printing using ABS and the material have a very good adhesion between layers, low warp (and a very low cost here)… But this 2 parts i need change the original orientation to print… On the way of the mechanical forces, have any problem in print like attached image?

Thanks a lot and sorry my bad english.

A hug!!! :slight_smile:

I think I would try print them in 2 pieces standing up the correct way then glue them together.

Glue the parts? Bad news :frowning:

You recommend this way, because mechanical forces? I will print with supports, print part in horizontal its not a problem, only if on use this will be a problem.

Yes the forces where the bearings are need to act like a belt. If you print them sideways they will fail probably immediately, if not very quickly.


In PLA really i believe, not possible print in this way, really break.

I´m testing a ABS filament here, and printing this parts with this. On a double wall (2 perimeters only), adhesion is incredible good. Not possible separate the part using the hands…

To test, i will problably do a test, and report to you. I see the critical point is the two holes on the more wide face of the part (on XY part). If all things go wrong, i will loose about US$ 4.00 on matherial and 15 hours of printing time… \o/

Good luck getting the supports out!

Started the ToolMount!!!


Finalized the tool mount.

And the printing process of the XY, horizontal oriented on the bed.

The next i will print whitout the supports…

Wow! Your supports come off way better than any of mine ever do!

He did say he was using ABS. I hate printing with ABS, but do use it when I need supports because they usually separate very easily and cleanly. PLA and PETG supports are a serious pain to remove.

Of course, a big part of that is because PLA and PETG layer bond better - even over cold layers with a gap like supports. I admit I don’t have a heated chamber (or any chamber right now) but have never gotten very good layer bonding with ABS no matter how I print it. One of these days I really need to build an enclosure for my printer…but since I use ABS so seldom it’s been a very low priority for me.

Hi Jason and Barry,

I’m printing in ABS. Its true, about the supports, the result is because the software, don’t the filament… The gcode was generated by Simplify3D.

I printed my parts using PLA for a long time (started in 2012)… on my Prints on ABS, all time have a warp problem and adhesion between layers… In last dezember, i found a supllier with a very low price on ABS… i decided to try… only because the price, not waiting very good results… I get impressed with the results…

The filament is very good to print. I dont have chamber too, and my bed is a MK1, on 12V…

This parts (XY and tool mount), its a big parts, and i print very well with this filament.

An advice: change your supplier of ABS… The resin is the problem!

About the adhesion between layers, here, a print with only 2 perimeters (part to calibrate / test, no infill between this 2 perimeters), and its not possible separate using the hands…)

I use S3D as well (and love it) but my supports are not as good as yours. Would love to know your settings some time if you get the chance. Anyway, parts look good.

Hi Brian,

I send my config to you (on return to my house), no problem! Butttt… i think (by my remember…) its the default (to supports).

On PLA the supports go out easily too. If not work to you, send a photo of a piece to see, if possible to help you.