Probably a little ambitious here but...let's see what happens

Freshly faced 1" block of 6061.

Here goes.


How’s your scottish brogue? “I’m giving ye all she’s got, I dinnea think she can take much more a’ this!”


What’s the worst that can happen?

Already having issues. Oh well - working through it


Trucking along.


Need to machine the other side but I have more to make before I do that.

Not sure about the surface finish on contour passes…seems a bit rough to me but I dont know anything about it.


3 more to make.


What is it? I see an aeration stone?

Purge plugs for tig welding titanium and stainless tubing

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Tig welding titanium?! … Im pretty good with the hot glue gun.

That’s a lie. I’m very average.


I weld a lot of different materials.

Kurt, do you mind me asking what type of Tig machine you use? I’m actually looking that them currently and there are way too many choices… <1k

I’m currently using an older 2016 model alphatig200. I think they offer a 210x now that’s a little more updated.

My next machine is likely going to be a prime weld 225x

I believe both are available on Amazon under $800. Ice welded with $8000 Miller machines, and these work just as good for hobby/light production.

Here’s some titanium.


The only thing I can really complain about on the Primeweld is the FAN NOISE.

The AHP is loud as well. So was the Lincoln i used to have. None of which bothers me at all.

Thanks for the reply. I have been looking at that one and the WeldPro 200GD. Both seem to be a ton of machine for the money.

I can’t wait to get my Primo finished as I want to try cutting aluminum. I never had the guts to do it with the Burley, even though others had some success. Hope all goes well for you.

I usually burn myself, and end up gluing something to the cat…


The real test will be cutting titanium lol

I don’t have a cat, but…I’ve always wanted to try gluing a piece of toast (butter side up) to a cats back.

Cats land on their feet, right?..and the toast HAS to land butter side down (law of metaphysics)…

So, if dropped, I expect the buttered toast cat would levitate just off the floor… to avoid the metaphysical impossiblity of the cat landing on it’s back or the toast landing butter side up…8^)