Problem about laser and ramps

I want to connect laser driver tll to ramps but after 2 days of trying to connect I dont know how and does I can this connect to ramps?

Step by step here,

I tried this but nothing… I buy this driver with 2w laser and everything is working but not with ramps :confused:

At what step does it not work? Did you flash updated firmware? Did the pin voltage check out?

Voltage is 5v at 255 and 2,5 at 127… My ttl have pwm is it about it?

What driver are you using?

Look at the first post there is a image of driver

That gives no information about the driver and a picture doesn’t help. At the same time I have no experience with any other driver than the recommended one so I will have to hope someone else can help.

Let’s take it a bit slower and take a look at what you have connected and what’s actually working. If you can provide a picture of your setup, that may be helpful. The one above is from a seller’s website, has wires all over the place and doesn’t even have a laser diode. I am assuming you have one.

MPCNC - This would be your machine as a whole.
Is this working in any capacity right now? If so, what does it do?

Laser Diode - This should have 2 wires, a red one and a black one.
What and where are these connected to?
When you say everything is working except for the RAMPS, does this mean you’re able to activate the laser manually?

Laser Driver - This should have 4 2-pin connectors.
Are the connectors on your board identified?
What is connected to any of the connectors on this board?

Fan - This should have 2 wires, a red one and a black one.
What and where are these connected to?

Laser Power Supply
Are you using a separate power supply for your laser than you are using for your RAMPS board?
How many Volts and AMPs is it rated at?
What is it connected to?
What is the voltage reading from your connections?

Are you using one?
If so, is this successfully controlling any of the other electronics on your MPCNC?
If not, how are you controlling the fan speed and any of the other electronics on your MPCNC?

Ramps and Arduino Mega - This refers to the 2 board combo stacked on top of each other.
Besides the RAMPS/Arduino Mega combo, what pins/connectors are connected to what connections of your laser diode, laser driver, fan and power supply?

Thanks for reply Sheemalakameeda…
I buy THIS laser and there is glue on everything and I cant touch anything what is wired on driver and current voltage also.

I try to put 7805 mosfet on D9 pin on ramps and when I try to turn on fan (laser) it change power but not work at 0 and 255 like ttl. There is change of light power but not enought for ttl pwm

The pin looks like the first issue to tackle. You will want to use pin 44. Pin 9 I believe is used for an Arduino Uno. 44 will get you the PMW you need.

To do that, you will need to modify the sketch and upload to the Arduino Mega to update it. Section B on page 7 in the instructions will show you what line to change.

Yeah I change it and when I measure it on multimeter everything is okay but when I connect ttl there is nothing, laser was turned off and when I unconnect ttl wires its turn on :confused:

a 7805 is not a mosfet… It’s a 5v voltage regulator; there is a significant difference between the 2.

Also, in the pictures I see, that driver board is missing a lot of important components; unless they hid them under the board like ninjas, that will only be able to regulate voltage, not current… Odds are, that driver will burn out your laser very quickly. Just sayin’…

And then of course, there is the fact that Nichia does not make a 2000mW diode… so there’s that… …