Problem recognizing Ramps

I have completed my build, and am now at the point of testing out the electronics / steppers. I am just attempting to get the machine moving and will eventually use it as a CNC router, and do not currently have plans to use it as a 3D printer. I purchased the kit from Vicious1 and have a Mac (yosemite).

I’ve plugged in the steppers, the resistor on the T0, power, and usb. The board has a red light on.

Under printing settings on Repetier-Host I don’t see a usb option.

What am I missing? I’m a newbie when it comes to arduino/code/etc. so maybe I’m missing something obvious… Let me know if there’s more info/pics you need to help.

Thank you!

Mac settings are different. Do a search of these forums for “Mac”

There are a few different ways to fix it I think. I do not own a mac to test it.

1-reflash the arduino with a lower baudrate, make sure repetier matches it.
2-different mac driver for the arduino.
3-parralels to windows.

There might be one more.

Ok. I know how to adjust the baudrate on repetier but how do I reflash the arduino? Also, where do I find a different mac driver for the arduino?

Thanks for your help!