PROBLEM whit laser on new version of firmware v508

nothing work anymore now the m106 dont send any control to the fan 0 !
question tell me if i am right or wrong
since version 503 the fan port 0 was active for the laser for the version V1CNC_SkrPro_DualLR_2209 ?

There aren’t any laser specific settings in the Marlin builder configs. The M106/M107 on fan 0 is default settings. If you’re seeing any changes between versions, it is coming from the Marlin changes in the core Marlin software.

so if i understand the basic configuration correctly from version 503 beta notice the compatibility for the m106 and m107 fan control?

I don’t understand.

i think my english look chines for you!
anyway i will changed the card today and see if it is my card not working anymore

I will try to ask a question that you will understand!
the firmware of V1EngineeringInc are made by who exactly?

i changed the board and putt version 508d on marlin mode everything is working fine there is only a bug on the tft mode i do not see all the files on the sdcard but on the marlin mode yes !
any idea ?

The MarlinBuilder firmware is made by copying the lastest firmware from Marlin. Then we apply a strict set of changes to configure it for your board and machine. The Marlin firmware is an open source project. MarlinBuilder was made by anttix and myself, but it is applying the configuration created by Ryan and it is tested mostly by Ryan.

thanks jeff for the details