Problem with MK8 Extruder

Hi, I am starting to have a problem with my MP3DP especially with the MK8 extruder. Since some time the extrusion doesn’t seems constant. When printing the first layer I start extruding perfectly then at some point the filament output by the extruder becomes very tiny and up to a point where nothing gets extruded. I tried to adjust the screw on top of the extruder which I think sets the tension and also replace the nozzle but nothing works.

For the first time today I can hear that either the motor skip steps or the gear grind the filament but clearly the filament is not provided evenly.

Any Ideas?

How long have you been using it, has it worked flawlessly until now?

Yes I am using it for quite a while, several months maybe a year. The first layer was always a challenge as I need to adjust the bed almost every day that’s why I installed a BLTouch but now I can’t really benefit of the autoleveler since the extruder is not working properly. The problem start before I installed the BLTouch, just to clear that it is probably not related.

Chances are good your PTFE liner has crapped out. Various reasons but Mine last about 6-8 months of continuous low temp use. I switched over to the microswiss so I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

That was my next step. Can you give me more info on the microswiss. Is it available at Amazon?

Also talking about extruder, I notice that you now sell the Titan Aero, do you recommend it over the MK8? It is more pricy so what would be the advantage going with it.

Since I have a set of 500mm rods I was planning to create a larger MP3DP and consider changing the extruder. Also is the parts for the new MP3DP you create available? The corners seems to support half inch structure. I am very interested.

Not sure about amazon,


Ummmm, the biggest advantage is it is lighter and the parts are seriously high quality. Mine now come with the all metal throat (that WAS the other major factor), so you might be able to print a little faster, depending on your bed weight. Other than that it is quality. The import stuff, if you have seen, I have to offer as a kit now as the pre-builts are complete sh#t. The difference between the mk8 kit I now sell with the micro swiss throat and the Areo is not huge. If money isn’t that big of a deal get the aero, if every penny counts the mk8 will get the same job done. Hope that doesn’t piss of the E3D team. Don’t want to lose my account.

Very very soon. I am printing with it non stop to make sure everything is legit then I will start releasing it in a few days I hope.


Thanks a lot for the info Ryan!

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Just to let you know, I change the metal threaded tube including the PTFE liner and my problem is solved. Thanks again! Feels great to have such support! I will look into the Microswiss for a more permanent solution.

I used to just swap out the liners all the time, super cheap. I just got sick of taking it apart (6 printers it really gets old) that is when I found the microswiss stuff.

Hello, I am having a very similar problem with my extruder. I have the MK8 and assembled the MP3DP within the past few weeks, and only have had two successful prints. I am using the microswiss and PLA+ filament, but it seems to be getting clogged frequently.

I have played with the tension and temperature of the extruder, but nothing seems to be improving. Any suggestions?



This is a picture what I’m working with.

Welcome, my necromantic friend! Pull up a torso, and scoop up a skull full of grog!

I think we’re going to need some more information before we can help you too terribly much. Things like how much 3D printing experience do you have (I’m assuming you have at least some)? What temp ranges have you tried (PLA+ tends to run pretty hot)? What’s the local environment like (climate controlled room or sweltering outbuilding)? And maybe another picture of your whole MP3DP, and not just the extruder and print surface.

And if @vicious1 weren’t so stingy with the power, I’d move this to it’s own thread, so you’d get a little better visibility. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I do not have much experience, so consider me a newbie. I have ran different prints between 205 - 225 C, with the bed temp at 65 C. I live in Wisconsin, so temperature shift from very cold in the winter to mildly hot and humid in the summer. Attached is the picture of my build. There’s still plenty left to finish, but that requires a functioning 3DP to help out.

Have a look at my mk8 build instructions, get that lock nut inside the extruder, keeps the throat heat transition zone sharper.

Print speeds? Nozzle clean and flowing well when feeding by hand? Clean out the feed gear, and make sure the pressure is good?

I switched the nut to the other side, and got the heat block to be the same relative distance as the ones you have in your picture. Is it better to have the heat block closer or further away from the stepper motor attachment?

I have the same starting parameters as you recommended in Slic3r, and have Repetier Host at the 100 Feedrate and 100 Flowrate.

Nozzle clean and flowing well when feeding by hand?

Yessir. It will flow fine for the beginning part of the print, then get clogged or stop extruding after 5 minutes. I have paused the print and fed filament by hand to make sure it flows smooth, and it will work for a short duration before stopping again.

So that leaves, loose gear, loose filament tensioner, bad driver tuning.