Problem with print from SD Card


i build the MPCNC too, it works great with slicer and a tolerance from 0.2mm. Its pretty ok.
My slicer is configured as in the getting started. The first Layer is with lower temp and without FAN.
So now my problem: Yesterday i tried to print from SD card. I create the file for SD Card with Slicer and i can choose it over the LCD.
The printer start his work with the first layer. The first Layer was very big, so after 10 minutes i tried to start the FAN manually, nothing happens.
Then i let him finish the first layer. But i saw, the it dont move the Z Axis when it move to a other point and it start the second Layer from the same high.
So print over SD card dont turn on the FAN and dont move the Z Axis over the first Layer, what do i wrong ?



Maybe your first layer was just too low, and the second layer printed on top of it and it didn’t look like it moved up. Try testing with a small cube test print before you jump right into giant prints. There is nothing different about this why those things wouldn’t work, it is just a slicer setting.

Ok i will try it again, maybe it’s magic.
But what i saw was, that the nozzle moved through the first Layer, so you saw the nozzle track in the material.
Also you saw on the LCD display that the Z Axis moved to 0.6 mm and stop there.
I will report the results.
Thanks for your fast answer.

Did you look at the gcode?