Problem with Straight Lines

Hi there,

I cant be sure that it is in fact ESTLcam. Whether I make an svg or a dxf in Inkscape, and everything looks ok, by the time I get to ESTLcam, straight lines are no longer straight. This is happening in many files, and I cant work out why. I double check in Repetier Host to see if it is just a weird thing that disappears once it gets to RH but it also shows up there.

Everything appears fine until I open in ESTLcam. Please see the attached images (inkscape svg screenshot and ESTLcam screenshot). You can see the capital Y and the oars as examples. Do you guys know what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks for your help!

How strange. Have you converted all the shapes to paths in inkscape?

Can you share a file with us, so that we can try?

Thanks Turbinbjorn, Will message through an svg to you!

Thanks for your message @jeffeb3 - I will run through the process again and see what happens. Do you by any chance have a good youtube or tutorial link for the inkscape process? I cant seem to settle with using it yet, plus on a mac it seems to crash quite a bit.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I don’t. I am not an expert in inkscape either.

I do know svgs are like web pages. They support shapes like “rectangle”, “ellipse”, etc. With a bunch of options like line widths, rotation and skew.

It is hard for software to support the whole standard. But one of the options is just a “path”, which breaks the shapes into equations to follow to make the path.

Inkscape is very good software and it can reliably convert those complex shapes into paths and estlcam is going to be able to follow the equations for a path.

That’s what I’m basing this suggestion on. But I don’t have much experience actually doing it.

I would guess if you google inkscape and object to path you will find some good info.

Hey there! I’m sorry I was late with getting back to you. (hectic days…) I haven’t had the same effect happening:

The file you sent me was svg - have you tried using the dxf 14 format? I’ve experienced that estlcam can act in strange when using other formats than 14 dxf.