Problem with test piece

When I load the test file into the Slic3r program it is very very big. Is that normal?

What measurement system was it modeled in? What measurement system was it imported in?

I dont know. I downloaded it straight from Vicious website and dropped in into the Slic3r software that was recommended to download and I set that up based on recommendations from the site. I have a total build area of 30X30X8 inches. i have my software set as a 16X12X8 inch work space because that the sheet of glass size i am using for now. based on that this test piece would be almost 10 inches tall. seems something is wrong. i just dont know what. I dont even know what that piece is supposed to be testing lol.

That is not one of my parts.

Try something like this,, so you know exactly how big it is and it is easy to print.

My slic3r settings are only a starting point, and only work if you are using the mk8 extruder that I use. Any deviation from my recommended parts and all sorts of things could go wrong.

Everything i have is from you. Hell if you sold filament i would buy that from you also lol. I just though that the part would be a lot smaller.

I have no idea what part that is. Try the calibration part I linked and we can narrow down the issue.

I did and I had a friend with your system come by and help. Dont know what it was but i think he have it somewhat fixed. The part i took a pic of is what your page links as a test piece at the end of

its the test IE link for a final check.

The attached is a screen shot of the test part gcode. I just downloaded it and double checked. It is the old corner clamp.

So everything else seems good now?