Problem with the international version


Thanks for a great design.

We have printed all the parts for the international version and started up with the assembly.

It seems that the IE_Middle_Joiner_25 and the IE_Middle_End_25 does not fit the 25mm conduit.
I think it still fit the 23.5mm.

Could You please check up on the files?

We have tried to loosen all bolts but the conduit will still not fit.


Hi Madskjaergaard,

What is the exact OD of the steel tube that you are using?


Hi Greg

The exact OD is 25.04mm

I have tried to remove the middle_joiner from the rest and loosen the bolts very much.
Now it is possible to force the tube in place but it is not running as smooth as it should.


Hi Mads,

Just done some dissecting of the IE_Middle_Joiner_25 file and found that the tube diameter should be 23.87mm.

You can view the screen shot here :-

I’m using Sketchup Pro, and I know it is very accurate.

I have only printed the four corner blocks, but now I think I need to check all of the files in the International folder to ensure that they are for the 25.00mm OD tubing!


I take these things very seriously, I have been wrong on a part and found out about it in the forums.

I spent the last 40 minutes double checking all the middle parts. The ones on thingiverse are correct. The dimensions you gave do not match either the international or standard piece. I do truly appreciate your looking into this. Could I ask you to double check that with a fresh download. I could still be wrong but I regenerated a middle joiner and compared it to the one online and they are identical. The number you should be getting is 24.8mm. Taking dimensions off STL’s is not very precise but your number was so far off it made me go back and check. I’m not sure how you are locating the center of a “hole” on an STL since they aren’t round, I suspect that is the problem. Meaning the bolt holes for the bearings.

I would prefer a private message to take care of things like this to make sure misinformation is not being spread needlessly. I have no problem being wrong publicly, but in case I am not wrong I do not want to discourage people from building this because of a post like this.

I have double checked that I have printed the correct part.
You mentioned in another post that the thin wall should be around 3mm - mine is 3.3mm

I will try to drill a little bit off the holes to give a little more room for the steel tube.

Vicious1 - is there any other measurements I need to give a check?

Vicious1, I’m happy for you to remove my post. If people ask why the post was removed,
they know it was because I request you to do it!
I fully understand that misinformation can lead to people asking the wrong questions.

I also state here that I may have not dissected the part correctly, therefore my posting
may not have been 100% correct!

I will PM you all my future findings, from here in! Unless I feel my information can assist
other with their build!


You are right, something is wrong. Thank you for bring it to my attention. Sorry for doubting you.

I doubled checked my sketch and the dimensions are correct, double checked that the holes moved and they did. I didn’t take it any further until I got your emails.

My master sketch has the right dimensions, the holes have moved, but not enough.

I need to figure out how this even happened. I also need to fix all the center pieces because that one center hole drives all the dimensions. I will take them off Thingiverse for now until I can sort this out. It could take up to a week, I am moving in 2 days so I need to pack before I can fix this. I am wondering if I screwed these up when I made the new rigid center part. it is a complicated part.

Again Sorry for doubting you, you are correct the parts are not right.

Thank you guys for figuring this out. Asho777, thanks for making me see the errors…I’m an ass.

I am uploading the new parts now.

This is how I see all forums :- You EITHER, have people that winge (whinge) and complain, along with moderators that think they are always right and could never be wrong, so a useless waste of time arguments, in postings will continue! OR, you have this Vicious Forum, where people love the product, are being fully involved with building the product, and put forward valuable information, to help others. The most important thing, and the reason I do like this forum, is that the owner, Vicious1 can announce publically that he is only human. This was proved to me by the fact that he went and checked again and found a small error. Then he push every other thing, including packing for his move, aside, to rectify his small mistake, and update all drawings. I say good on you Vicious1, my hat comes off to you sir, and keep up the great work!

Now lets get back to building and producing end products with this baby!



i printed all the international version part .

i bought conduit which is 23.5 mm of od, Is it good for International version.

Hi jitendra,

I’m currently printing the IE International version, but this version is for the 25.0mm OD, not the 23.50mm OD.


Nope 23.5 is the standard.

But does it work??

It won’t take long for the forums to get junked up with the UN-friendly’s.

hi vicious
i want to order the bundle part but it has only 13feet of belt and i want to make 48x36" size machine . can u increase the qty as per this size.

You can add as much belt as you want in 6.5 feet increments in the store. That is a very large machine do you have some experience with these kinds of machines? That is much larger than recommended, but it depends on what you’ll be using it for really.

hi greg

but untill i dont have bearing and all that nut and bolt how do i know that 23.5 mm conduit is losser or tight in the parts.


hi vicous

no i dont have any exp. but want to make big for laser cutting . how long courier take to come in canada (toronto) .


I use USPS priority shipping but I can’t predict how long it will take to get through customs. Sorry

hi vic

is this site showing the US dollar .
any idea how much to pay for custom clearence.