Problem with the international version

As you had indicated that all parts printed by you were for the International CNC Machine. I know that you require the 25.0mm OD Steel Tube!


I don’t deal with customs that is all a local thing on your end, I have no idea how to look that up other than googling it. I have never had to pay a customs fee.

You might want to use the contact me link in the header for these kinds of questions. This is the assembly forum.

BTW, what is the largest feasible size that the CNC router could be made to take? I just want to cut and mill 3mm Styrene sheets.

hi greg ,

you was right 23.5 mm od conduit is loose in the parts. i think its for 25 mm .now i have to buy new 25mm tubes.


Oh wow, I thought I was just useless but I feel better now.

I printed the Middle parts myself, didn’t fit the 25mm conduit, ended up drilling the bearing holes out so much that the parts weren’t accurate anymore. Figured it was my 3d Printer, paid $85 to reprint on 3dHubs, SAME PROBLEM.

Luckily I am now friends with my local 3dHubs member, hopefully he will reprint again on the cheap.

I have a question though, I am using the Rigid Z, when I force the 25mm Z tubes into the Rigid Z it’s so tight it forces my X and Y axis to go out of square (so much so that you can see it with the naked eye!). When I remove the Z tubes you can actually watch the X and Y axis snap back into square! I have drilled all the bearings holes on the rigid Z out so far that I am afraid to go any further as I fear the parts will be ruined and still I can’t stop it forcing my X and Y out of square.

Has anyone checked the Z parts to see if the dimensions are correct? Cause I’m pretty sure they aren’t.

EDIT: Yes I am sure they are IE_ parts (I have a 3dHubs screenshot to prove it), yes I am sure my pipe is 25mm (I’ve bought 25mm Aluminium tube after I suspected the electrical Conduit was causing the problem, the aluminium measures almost dead on 25mm on my calipers).

Check the diameter in your software for the 3D models themselves, if it is correct, it is possible that if you are printing with ABS that you are getting too much shrinkage.

The only thing that I can think of is that you downloaded the Z middle parts before they were updated.

But as you can see this was rectified very quickly by vicious1. so if you downloaded these parts before the 22nd September you will need to download them again.

The only other thing is that you may have printed the other version not the IE version!

All my prints are in ABS, and the Z section all fits very good.


Hi Laserman,
I have no idea how to check the diameter in a STL file?

Both sets of parts were PLA.

Hi Greg,
Yep I downloaded well before that date, I printed them months ago, I was looking to confirm if the Z axis dimensions were wrong too?

Not the Middle_joiner parts but the rigid Z where the two Z axis tubes go through.

As mentioned in my edit, these are all IE_ parts (I have proof if you need it). I printed them in PLA (twice).


No, if you say they are IE parts, that is fine.

I actually checked all the Z axis parts before I printed them, and they are spot on to dimension, but after that date!

So if you downloaded them before that date and printed them months ago, that is your problem! You would need to download
the newer version of all those Z axis IE version of parts.

Vicious1, I’m sure will chime in here, but I thought the new rigid Z parts were in fact all good.

Joe, if you like I can check the the actual parts that you have printed and get back to you with the actual dimension for the tube that fits through. As the STL file that you currently have are all the older ones, you would need to get them to me. I would not suggest you post them up here, only because, if they are incorrect we don’t want others to download them and use them.

This brings to light a request to Vicious1. Can you setup in the forum’s admin area the ability to PM (personal message) others within the forums. That way if others need to send certain information to other people on the forums, it does not have to be in a public forum, for all eyes to see!


Hey Greg,
That would be awesome if you could take a look, I’d love to know if a reprint would sort out the issue.

Send me an email here: and I’ll send you the file. That’s a disposable address good for 7 days.

Cheers mate

The problem should be solved. Can you confirm you are using the newest file?

By default there is no PM…I would like to figure that out. Check back soon.

PM’s for everyone!!!

I just printed one of the international parts in ABS as a test last night to check this issue. They fit 25mm OD alloy tube perfectly. It sounds like you downloaded the old, incorrect parts. If you download and print the new ones, you will have no problem.

If you have a 3D printer, just download again and print one of the parts and compare it to the ones you already have.

Great work on the PMs Vicious.

Joe, email sent.

But as others have stated, I’m very sure that once you print the newer version of the parts, your issues will be resolved.

I’m happy to check measure your existing stl file though, my small contribution.


Hey Greg,
Thanks so much, you are awesome.

For everyone else: I know printing the latest files should work, but I don’t have access to a suitable 3d printer and it costs me a lot to reprint these parts, more money than I’m willing to wager on ‘reprint it - it should be fine now’.

It was also concerning that my issue involved a part that wasn’t even in this thread, the rigid Z.

For anyone who downloaded these files a while back and are just starting to print now: re-download the rigid Z also, not just Middle end and Middle Joiner.

Cheers everyone.

How about I print you a couple of the parts in question for free on my printer, then you will know if it solves your problem?
Send me a PM with your address.

I am confused. As you mentioned I pointed out some issues months ago regarding the middle. I cannot remember the details and cant seem to find thread.
But is this the same issue again? I ask because my IE middle seems to be fine and was printed back when you did the first corections.

Yup same fix, nothing has changed.