Problems with DNS or something else?

Recently I’ve been having some troubles on this site where it’s adding a second www. in front of the URL

IE, I type and hit enter, then it fails to connect and when I click the URL it says “

Just checking if anyone else has been having this issue or if it’s just me. Happened on multiple computers on two different ISPs using Google Chrome but it’s kind of sporadic.

I have not updated anything in a at least 24 hours. I will check back.

I’m kind of wondering if it has something to do with Google Chrome flagging the site as dangerous the other day. The computers I’ve tried it on aren’t both logged in to chrome so it shouldn’t be user settings, and I’ve had it happen in an incognito window too. Not to say it isn’t something on my end still though.

This just happened to me on firefox. I don’t usually navigate straight to v1 by way of the url, I usually just follow links in my email. So I’m not sure when this started.

Okay there was an https update sitting in the backend, maybe that was the issue.