Problems with firmware?

Hello everyone I’m extremely new to this. I have never dealt with code or firmware. I’m trying to do the teaching tech build, I have an skr 1.3 with 5160 drivers. I have downloaded his firmware and kept having an error code when producing the firmware. I finally achieved it by replacing tmc platforms.h. I did this because of some info from the internet, not because I knew what I was doing. I thought I finally got it licked, firmware loaded. Now I have an error code on my display about 8 seconds after I power up. Any help would be greatly appreciated, remember I’m a newbie to all of this!

Also, there is a guy on here that compiled the software with fixes . That’s the one I’m using . I believe because of the version of the compiler and the relative long time since tt Wrote the code something has changed and caused it to not want to compile. Just a theory.

Yeah it throws an error when you compile it. I guess the updated library doesn’t like it. Can you point me in the direction of that firmware? Is it on github?

It is on this site. Scroll down to find skr tt .im trying to send a link but haven’t figured it out yet.