Problems with Marlin mode

My problem is, among other things, switching to Marlin mode, which doesn’t really work with my TFT. I only use 1 black 5-pin cable.
Have read in the forum 2 gray cables??? I don’t have that

My 2nd problem is when I save a gcode on the usb stick in Lightburn and start the laser work on my mpcnc, there is almost always a job termination, it stops and the laser continues to burn???

when I run a milling data gcode with inkscape and estlcam it always works perfectly!!!

i use a skr pro 1.2 board on my mpcnc.
can someone of you professionals please help me thanks
greetings from Austria

You need to have the two 10-pin cables installed to use Marlin mode. Here is a US Amazon reference so you know what to search for:

The issue with projects stopping when run from the TFT has come across the forum. Since I don’t have an SKR Pro, I’ve not kept up with the status of the issue, but you might try updating to the latest version of the V1 maintained TFT firmware.

can someone of you professionals please help me thanks

No professionals here. The people on this forum are just hobbyists like you. It is a good community that likes helping each other.


Thanks for the info sir robert
Unfortunately, the cables cannot be delivered to Austria!
Can I use that too?

If switching the Marlin mode doesn’t work afterwards either, I’ll try it with my laptop. do I have to watch out for something? not that I shoot something? do i have to connect it with a usb cable with this usb on both sides?

Thank you thank you

Two of those cables should do the job. Note you cannot hurt your control board or your display if you plug them in wrong, so feel free to swap or rotate them until Marlin mode works.

As for a USB cable, you want a type A connection on one end and a type B connection on the other like this:


And it plugs into the SKR Pro 1.2 board here:


I believe the USB slot in the display you show in your picture is for a USB stick, and is used as an alternate to and SD card for transferring files.

The program you use to send the g-code should have the baud rate set to 250000.

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