Problems with running the test file

Hello all,

I have my MPCNC completely assembled and I am now onto running it for the first time. I want to test it out with the test file from Estclaimer but every time I press print in Repetier there is a weird hissing/pulsing sound from one of the motors and nothing starts to move. Any suggestions?

Also, when I load the .nc file into Repetier is does not look like the one displayed in the tutorial and the completion time is only a couple of minutes which I do not think is correct. There is a picture attached of what I see in Repetier.

Any help on either of these questions would be great.

Thank you in advance.

You have a second extruder #256??? it is waiting for that to heat up. So either you flashed the wrong firmware or messed with a repetier setting. The test file is the logo, looks correct to me.

There are no extruders just the Dremel. The firmware I flashed is the one in the picture attached.

There are no extruders with my set up just a dremel. Below are my Repetier settings and in the previous message there is a picture of the firmware I downloaded.