Professional cookie mold

hi guys and girls,


i’ve made my first (hopefully) really usefull project the the mpcnc.


in our restaurant we make the cookies which compliment the coffee ourselfs. These were “scooped” and formed by hand. Not a problem 4 years ago when we started, 100-200 cookies a week.


by now our restaurant is doing well! Super! Really happy!

the downside is we need to make aprox 1200-1500 cookies a week by now…


time for a cooky-mold!


12mm (1/2 inch) HDPE in the european standard reastaurant size 1/1 gastronorm. It fits a 530x325mm baking sheet perfectly.

60 cookies per sheet in ome go!


the machining took a litle under 30 mins with these settings:


-2 flute 5mm endmill.

-3,25mm depth per pass

-20mm/sec feed

-aprox 30000rpm on the makita spindle.


That’s awesome.

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I worked in a bakery and so many things were made out of Delrin and HDPE. Molds, tools, handles, machine parts. Brings me back!

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My head is spinning while i’m thinking about all the molds and tools i can make!

this went so easy!