Project Egress

Has anyone been watching this? It’s pretty neat looking. There’s quite a lot of sanding/drilling going on, since these parts have never met before.

The STLs are available, if you guys want to make all the parts and send them to me.

Careful what you wish for!

Having an audience like that would be very unsettling.

Agreed. There was some hammer hitting early on that was kind of a mistake (there is a plexiglass panel that should have been installed, and something cracked). I wonder if the mistake would have been made if there wasn’t an audience.

It’s pretty neat looking though.

I wonder if they are going to move the handle. Some of those outside latches are just 3D printed, and I wonder if they would all work or not.

I wonder if I could scale that the replace my garage door… :slight_smile:

Was really interesting to see a lot of these parts get made on YouTube/Instagram then shipped off to make this. A lot of different processes went into those parts… and although I don’t really care for Adam, I gotta say he’s a good person for the job… he has the “make it work” mentality that’s perfect to make a bunch of parts with poor tolerances fit together, lol

I think half the youtube channels I subscribe to have made parts for the door.