Proper frame for pnumatic cylinders

So after reading about supply issues and primo being out of stock I kinda pushed this little project out to, who knows when. Then i got the email and jump all over it like a fat man at a Chinese buffet. FIRST BUILD, HEAD FIRST BABY!

I’ll keep you posted about the holes puncher.

Thanks everyone!


Did you start building yet? I’m curious how the punching is coming along. Made a machine about 10 years ago that made the plastic bags that potatoes are packaged in. It had multiple pneumatic punches to make the holes in the material. Granted that was poly sheet plastic coming off a roll at 500 feet per minute, but your application is static, which would be much easier. The holes were roughly 1/4" Dia. Found the shorter the stroke the faster you could punch the holes. What are you planning to use as a cutter on the punch cylinder?