Prusa surface ironing

I am printing a flat ornament where I am painting the top surface. It aas coming out a bit gnarly because the detail was making gaps and things.

I had heard about the new prusa slicer ironing settings, so I downloaded the 2.3.rc2 and turned on the ironing. It makes a big difference. It is not perfect, but pretty good. Probably 9/10 of the gaps went away.

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I’ll have to watch the demo vid. I didn’t expect much but that sounds pretty good. I’d spend a few extra minutes to get a nicer top surface.

With the monotonic infill option for the top layer, all the lines are laid down in the same direction- and makes the surface even smoother.

It turned out great. It took a lot of careful painting. I will post the file, but it would have been a lot more useful about a month ago.

Here is a link: