PrusaSlicer 2.4

Just curious as to whether anyone else is using the latest version of PrusaSlicer.

I’ve been trying to clear the decks (not so successfuly) so I can have a crack at an actual project with the LR2, and part of that tidying up involves slicing a few bits and pieces to file and upload to share.

I cannot believe how fast the slicing is now and also writing to the same old SD card. I thought that the slow “write to card” was a product of my heavily overworked and over-full iMac but it seems not!

I don’t usually worry too much about speed of processing, having come from a time when you had time to get a cup of coffee while a word processor wrote to the printer, but some jobs are virtually instant now!

Is this something that Prusa Engineers have found or is it a change in the underlying engine? Either way I love their work!


Answering my own posts makes me a lonely fanboy I guess, BUT;

If anyone is using PrusaSlicer and are so inclined - can you me tell what the difference is in the stock support settings from the previous version? I can’t figure it out. "

I don’t use supports unless I really can’t avoid it, but I have had two small projects recently and the supports have just separated like magic -

I don’t know why - one was in PLA and one in PETG, It might have been a fluke of geometry, but there were absolutely no artefacts at all.