Purchase New Control Board - RYAN

We had an accident in the shop - The MPCNC was knocked off the table and crashed to the floor. After repairing the damage, my computer will not recognize the MPCNC. There was some harness wires pulled loose and there was power on the unit .I fear that the control unit may have been fried. The message below appears on my computer. I would like to know if I can buy an updated control board from RYAN that would be compatible with the existing wire harness ? [with how to instructions ] Thanks , Joe

The boards from Ryan come flashed and will work with those wires. Since you are not using dual endstops, the minirambo is a good fit. You might also consider an LCD to do basic control without a computer and you can also run gcode from the SD card.

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Hey Jeff , Thanks for the reply. I bought an LCD when I was bldg and never learned to use it. Looks complicated - are there any tutorials around ? I see Ryan is out of stock on the mini rambo. Any ideas on how long it takes to restock ? Also , I saw an article on contributing to “JEFFeb3”. How does that work ? Thanks again , Joe

There has been quite a run on the parts with the new primo kits coming, and the complicated world production issues. They were in stock not that long ago, and the contacts page shows them on order. I think the email signup in the shop is the best way to get notified when they come back.

Are you talking about contributing to me :blush: ? I have a few options in my profile. Liberapay, or jeffeb3 on paypal or github if you have an account there.

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Yes I thought I’d contribute a little - You have helped me in the past & I appreciate it . Guess I’ll try Github - Thanks , Joe


Hey @jbskone, I know this is weird, but worth a shot. Have you only used USB 3 ports? Try a USB 2 or set one of the ports to 2 in the BIOS.

WEIRD, I know, but I had this problem with my Android OnePlus phone not connecting after a recent Windows update. Tried a USB 2 port and all of a sudden Windows could communicate again. :man_shrugging: