Purchase or wait?

Hi. Brand new here and about to build my first CNC. I have basically decided to build the lowrider but see that the SKR PRO1.2, 5X 2209 DRIVERS, TFT35 is sold out. I like the idea of having the display and it looks like some manual control. My question is, should I wait till its back in stock…will that be soon? Or should I get the Rambo? Does it make much of a difference? And how hard would it be to add later or to another board?
I guess that’s several questions actually, and I have no previous experience so I very likely have misspoken and may sound completely ignorant…which I am :slight_smile: so please be kind.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
The site and community are awesome…glad to have found you

The stock at Ryan’s shop changes quite a bit. He never puts anything up that isn’t ready to ship. The email sign up is the best way to get updates.

I won’t guess on when more skrs are coming.

The Rambo’s also work with a screen and the TFT screens are not as good as they look. The Rambo screens are very robust and have been working great for years. The Rambo is also a great controller.

thanks for the quick information. Is it a big deal to add the screen on the rambo? I dont see one in stock here but I’m assuming they’re available somewhere…I do like to support the folks who are putting all this work into it though.
Also, am I correct that the screen allows some manual control?

This is the Rambo screen:

It is easy to connect. It doesn’t require software.

thanks again for all the info. I’m excited to do the build itself as well as the added capabilities to my woodworking.

I use the SKR 1.2 Pro and TFT in my setup. To be honest I don’t even use the “graphical interface” on the TFT and go with “classic” LCD and knob mode similar to the image Jeff posted. Touch screens aren’t the best in a dirty shop. Plus if you have a cheap 3D printer like me you are already familiar with the menu layout. My SKR 1.2 Pro works great.


For what it’s worth, I’ve been using my Lowrider for 2 years without an LCD and I don’t miss it. With Octoprint as a front end and an Android tablet I have an HD screen that’s not attached to my rig.

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you run the LR2 off Octoprint?

I do. It works well. I just squint and ignore things like the temperature graphs. The stuff that still works on a CNC is fine.

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I use a 10" tablet and the TouchUI plug-in. No squinting required.

The squinting is just so I don’t accidentally get upset that it was made for 3D printers. :slight_smile: Some people don’t like words like “print” on their CNC machines.

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