Purple-black-rainbow LR3 🤷‍♂️ , V1E Kit + Ender 3 Max + 3018 with 3040 ext (in WA, USA)

Hello! Printed bunch of MPCNC parts for a friend last year, learned about V1E projects back then. Just couldn’t resist doing my own build any longer after LR3 released.

So here we are…

Purple + Black, that was the initial intent… But I messed up slicer settings (still had “remove all holes” mistakenly selected from prev job). Realized after far too many prints :man_facepalming: . Was running low on purple by the time Core needed printing, so I dusted off an unused rainbow filament, hoping to inspire the kids to play with the 30K RPM CNC, we’ll see…

Ordered LR3 kit from V1E, but to help stay motivated to make progress, have refrained from opening the kit until all parts are printed and CNC’d. VAC hose braces remaining, need to finalize my setup/design before doing those.

Overture PLA, 0.6mm nozzle, 0.32mm layer height, 3 walls, spec + 10% extra infill.
CNC’d Alu XZ and MDF YZ plates on Genmitsu 3018 ProVer with 3040 ext. 1/8" 2 flute carbide (went thru 4 bits) with 1/2 can of WD40. For Alu plates, the 4th bit did most of the work, survived by drowning at painfully slow 200mm/m, 12K RPM, 0.25mm depth of cut. My first Alu cuts, so, I know nothing! Single flute arrived after I was done. Ideally, I’d allocate time to experiment/calibrate cutting Alu with different values, using load-feed-speed equations/tables as a starting point.


Can you post a closer look at that core? Ot looks awesome.

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Cheers @jeffeb3 ! Sure thing…

Looks great when viewed 1’+. But up real close you’ll see some ghosting, warts, bulging corners, suboptimal overhangs (printed outside skin first). Printed for a laugh, but planning to use.

Many calibration cubes/towers. Mistakes were made…


That is amazing.


Glad to see you’re getting it cat scanned before assembly…

:joy_cat: :joy_cat:


That looks really cool. Great part to use rainbow on. The angle of the print makes it look awesome.

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