Purple heart 7 string

Been a busy year i haven’t been able to post much.

Latest project im working on.

I was chasing an inconsistency with 2 sided machining that ultimately led me to 4hrs of measuring and calibration.

I have since ditched the end stop switches. They dont seems to be accurate enough in reproducing the 0 location


Wow, this looks awesome. Are you milling two pieces, glueing them together, or how do you achieve the necessary depth?

Glue the blank first then 2 sided machining.

Do you have higher legs than the standard? I am pretty sure I would not be able to fit it under the min length legs.

Interesting, how do you do it now, and what endstops and board are you using?

I just took the switches off and spend 2hours making sure the switch stops were square. I hold the gantry against the stops then go .01 and back to 0 to lock everything.

I found they would activate at inconsistent places, sometimes the arm would bend or even fall off without me noticing.

I checked it with the manual stops and I’m .1mm differe ce side to side across 36in.

The downside is without telling the board the home location sometimes it tries to go beyond 0. I might just add a button for a manual end stop.
Using the skr setup

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I’m bot sure what is standard but I have 3" DOC to the spoilboard.

Are you using the omicron microswitches or the ones with the red wheels?

Yeah, that’s more. :slight_smile: Thanks, I will have to think of something else then. :slight_smile:

I’ve used both over the last year. Haven’t had much luck with either.

Currently have some of the red wheel style without the arm, just the click switch on the metal cnc

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That is nuts, but awesome to hear how accurate you are by hand!

My understanding is that arm increases the accuracy as long as you come at it slow enough. +/-0.01mm should be easy to hit with either end stop, I Wonder if you are getting some line noise or something.

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