Putting the laser to work

Getting the laser to pay for itself. More branded merch for the record store in the way of incense ash catchers and wood tags that will be used on bourbon bottles for a local distiller. Made a layout grid so I can quickly place the wood rounds and engrave multiple in one go.


I like the template!

Very nice! I’m going to have to get a laser now. Why in first shot are there white and black engravings?

The engraving revealed the different colored wood grain under the redish wood stain.

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Nice wood for the ash catchers, bizzare how it burned so differently. My laser burns wood light brown to black (and you never know what color it will be, but generally dark wood burns darker). but have never seen white.

So do you just use the laser for surface engraving? No through cutting?

Most of them burn darker but some of them did that white part, my thought was that it was like the sapwood. I think it is supposed to be “sheesam” which I guess is indian rosewood. I haven’t tested any through cutting, the laser I bought is only a 2.5w. I didn’t have a picture of all the incense holders, there were 36 in the first run.

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