PWM Device for Router (not spindle)

Is there such a device that we could control the speed of say a DW660 with the either the 12v or 5v pwm signal? Kinda like a SSR but viable input/output?

Best one I have seen, Super PID,

Ouch… $155 lol but I guess it gives you the whole meal deal.

It does look like the complete plug and play solution.

I just can’t help but think I could make less bells and whistles version. Maybe a arduino micro $4, some ir optical sensors 7/10, and a zero point ssr ??30?. This kind of stuff is not my strong point and I could never sell them because I don’t want to get anyone zapped, but once its all wired up the programming is simple. I almost bought some parts yesterday to try it. There is a part on tindie that is close to the zero point ssr, but not close enough. I’m not positive it is the right way to do it though.

Having a speed controller is cool, but the PID is what brings this way over the top, it would really make any “spindle” a much better cutter. Although if you get one of the actual spindles with a VFD adding PID would be simple with an optical IR rpm sensor.

Does spindle control in grbl allow rpm control or just on off and you control rpm with the dial that most of the Chinese ones come with…

I ordered up an UNO and cnc shield as I would like to be able to do the laser shading of 3d reliefs. I will never use this as a printer.

I am not positive, but yes if it is using a VFD not just a regular power supply, I do believe the knob can be replaced with a pwm signal. If that is true then it’s easy. I do not have one to test with though, I just believe a VFD gets rid of the need for a zero point cross detecting ssr.

Think I might order up a spindle to try out… A. because they are supposed to be quieter and it is in my house so that might be important and B. would be cool to have complete control via the interface.

Wow, before you spend that kind money. You should double check my hunch, I’m sure someone has tried it. I’ right in the middle of a project right now and can’t verify.

I would hate to have you waste money on a hunch.

For the DIY crowd, some of the best write-ups I’ve found on a closed-loop motor controller circuit linked here:

Definitely something I want to try too, if I ever find the time:(

Nice find Leo! Looks like I have homework tonight, that is some dense reading.

Chinese board houses will deliver 10 silk screened prototype boards for $20 shipped these days and the hackaday write-up has a GitHub link with schematics, BOM, and board layouts so there’s very little left to do here. They did a really nice job on this. I may put an order in soon, it’ll take the boards 3 weeks to get here which should give me some time to wrap-up some home improvement projects I’ve been working on.

Do we need to do a group buy?

Personally, I think I’d replace the Arduino Demi board with a pro mini or something else smaller and cheaper. Does anyone here have experience with SUPER PID or similar? Just wondering if it’s a marginal improvement or not to decide if this is worth the effort.

Anybody have some thoughts.

This to control the router,,

Then add a little arduino and an optical sensor for the actual speed and PID? So speed signal from the ramps to the little arduino from the little arduino to the tindie box tindie box to the router?

I can’t believe a $20 solution is not available yet, and why didn’t I take more EE classes?

Ohhh, getting closer,

Anyone ever try these or get anywhere? I dont mean to bring up an old subject, just wondering.

Would this do the job?

I don’t think so if the description is accurate. Look up the differences between a triac motor controller vs SCR dimmer circuits, and without PID there’s no way to keep RPM constant (under load).