Question about belts

I am in the belt stage of the build for my lowrider.

I don’t see guidance on the closed loop belt for the z-axis. I watch some Youtubes about splicing once I realized more than Lowrider folks need closed loop belts.

How many teeth do those belts have?

Thank you in advance

Z is the raising and lowering of the X gantry.
Z uses drive screws.

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Yeah. I’m not sure which belt you are talking about. The Z axis moves on screws, not belts.

I am crazy. I looked and thought I was going to have to connect the idlers and gear to together with a closed loop. I researched splices. I wondered why my searching with in the forums was leading nowhere. Thanks for making me look at it again.

However now I need to splice a belt together to complete learning that skill. I will wait until I get to the left overs from the y-axis cut.

That sounds like a good skill to have. I have used a few machines that needed a closed loop belt. They are pretty neat, but they only make so many sizes. And if your size is expensive that week, then you can’t just grab the next size up or down (usually).

I have a 1973 Pfaff walking foot machine that needed a new belt because I changed the pulley to slow the thing down. I bought a transmission pulley that worked eventually and had to use Algebra to get the size. My son whom was taking Algebra at the time was not impressed with the real world application. When I finally got to a sewing store and asked about the belt they had essentially a leather rope that you cut to size and used… I assume the spice was the same idea.