Question about sizing drawings in Estlcam

Hey guys,

Didn’t know if anybody could tell me how to re-size drawing objects in Estlcam? I was able to import a picture of a box I drew in MS Paint and I resized along a 50mm x 50mm grid just to see how my machine is calibrated. That went well. But is there a way to know the size of the drawing in Estlcam without using the grid? Is there some place that will tell me the actual dimensions of the drawing? Thanks!

Good Question, I don’t see anything. I rarely need to scale things but a quick measurement check sure would come in handy.

I agree. What might work just as well is adding the ability to dimension to a specific size in the scale tool. Cura does that, and it is more helpful than you might think.

A tape measure would be nice though, since there is already some good snapping features in there.

I have found you can set the grid in the spacing you like and count the squares to get an idea of the size. Or set your work area to the size of your wood and you can see in aspect what size it will be

I don’t have an answer for the resizing in ESTLCAM question, just wanted to mention that ESTLCAM does have a tape measure. It’s not super useful, but I do use it to verify the size of an object when necessary. Access the tape measure by holding down the middle mouse button.