Question about z axis plate (611 plate)

It says on the assembly page that the recommended material thickness is 1/4"-3/8".

Are there any issues going up to 1/2"? The wood I looked at yesterday that was 1/4" seemed pretty flimsy. And 3/8" isn’t a common size in the big box stores. Could I go 1/2" with wood or should I plane it down to 3/8"?

Also, I’m not set on wood. Aluminum wouldn’t cost that much nor would a hdpe cutting board.

I’m just curious as to the reasoning behind the selection.

And would providing an epoxy coating or finish help in any way when using wood as the material?

1/2" just increases moving mass and slightly decrease your z range. No other issues. You could do some cool things with thicker bases like route in some vacuum channels and things, but it really doesn’t matter. If you take a look back at the assembly geometry the only flex is basically between a screw/bolt hole and it’s neighbor. A very thin piece is fine. The 611 shoe takes up a lot of the overall area.

The only reason I mentioned thicker is to counter sink the screw heads