Question for those of you that have built the 3D Printer

Ok so I have the Lowrider2, so I can definitely cut the frame. My question is this.

I have 2 Anet E10’s. Most expensive paper weights I never knew I wanted. They’re junk. Absolute JUNK. So I’ve torn them apart, kept the steppers, heated bed, lead screws, bearings, linear rods, LCD the whole 9. i threw the frames in the dumpster, and that was more than it deserved.

So could I use the steppers, bowden extruder, all metal hot end if I wanted to build a couple of V1’s MP3DP’s? I have 2 full printers worth of parts that are just sitting in a box. I know the only thing I couldn’t use would be the mainboard, because it’s one of those boards I’d need to get the uno to flash. And I’m just not into all that. But I have ZERO issues ordering the remaining parts I’d need from V1.

You can use most part to build any 3d printer as they are similar.

I’m not familiar with Anet but a few other brands and they are all the same…most are based on the classic I3 design by Prusa

I’m even using the same boards on my 3d printer as on my MPCNC…


The bed needs to be about 200x200mm. You’ll probably needs some odds and ends, like an idler pulley, or more gt2 belt. Then you need the hardware, like all the #6-32 screws. Do you have a way to print the parts?

There is not a mount designed for a bowden extruder that I know of, so you’ll need to make one.

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Yea I have 3D printers still. I just ditched these E10’s a while back and replaced them with AnyCubic i3 Mega’s. I printed all my LR2 parts on the anet E10’s. About 4 complete sets of LR2 parts in various colors and filaments.

I was really just curious, as it would be a fun project to do, and I didn’t think I could use the steppers for LR2 spares, so why not build 2 more printers? That was my train of thought anyway.

I’m running Bowden on my main MP3DP, using a mount that a friend designed back in the day. It’s for the v1 though, so would have to be redone for the v2.

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I’m definitely going to build it. Wish I had stocked up on wood before this quarantine stuff happened. I’m completely at a halt right now sadly.