Question to Dewalt 660 Users

Hi Guys,

i have a Question about the Power Supply from the Dewalt DW660.
In the USA you have 120 V i think, here in Germany we have 230V.

In the instructions for the Dewalt on the Hompage of the manufacturer is no Info about it.

Is someone using this machine with 230V, or has some infos for me?

Thanks from Germany:)

Pretty sure it will make smoke if you plug it into 230.

You can get an 230 to 110 volt transformer but then again a kress would be cheaper especially if you consider customs fees and tax

Okey, thanks for the Tipp with the Kress.
I Think this one is nice:
Or the bigger one;):

I think its a good option for the Dewalt, and they are strong enough for Aluminium

They are strong enough for steel and titanium if your CNC machine itself is up to it.
So if you mill an aluminium CNC machine with the MPCNC you can take the kress to the new machine.

That’s what I like about these machines, you start with a simple machine and after that you can keep improving to get a bigger and better machine while making the parts yourself.

I think that the MPCNC ist strong enough for 3mm Alu if you mill slow :slight_smile:
But you are right, the MPCNC is the perfekt base for other machines.