questions about endstops on rambo/grbl

Hello everyone,

I think I need some help for the wiring of the endstops on my rambo board with the grbl mega 5X firmware.

I have planed to use endstops on both Y axis for min value, on both Z axis max value, and 1 for X axis min value. I also need to wire a probe for Z min.

I think that X and Y endstops will be the same that on the Marlin firmware (maybe i’m wrong). for the Z axis I don’t know how and where to wire them … Does someone can help me ?

thank you

I didn’t worry about the z max, just the min for the touch probe.


ok so in your case you had to follow the endstops instruction from the site. In my case, I want to be able to level the gantry and to always move it at her highest position.

Did you had to change homing cycle setting to identify the axis to move and when ? or you maybe wire the Z stepper in serie and not in parallel like in my case ?