Questions about printing and conduit

Hello all,

i recently bought a Geetech Prusa I3 as my first printer. So i am new to 3d printing. Soon i will start building this great design and to test the printer accuracy i printed one of the 25mm corner blocks. As you can see in the pictures the overhang didnt print well. The rest of the part printed really accurate in my opinion with 0.35mm nozzle, 0.2mm height, 195°C hotend and 50mm/s speed.

I also want to build the machine with 25mm alu conduit because 25mm steel pipe would be more expensive. Will this be rigid enough?


In your case I think 50mm/s is a bit fast. Are your parts strong in the z direction?

My first question is, did you print with support?

If bridging is the issue, then it might not be fast enough. But if overhangs are the issue, then you might be printing too fast.

This part shouldn’t need any support. i printed all mine at .26 70% at 60mm/s. it looks like he printed too cool. Check the specs on your filament. they are making pla that needs up to 235C nowadays. do you have a part fan (what speed was it set at, how old is it, does it use a shroud). my printrbot had an issue with the heat sink fan. it was working but it wasn’t spinning as fast as it did new. I changed out both fans just to be safe, made a real difference. it looks like a temp issue though, since that part doesn’t have any hard overhangs it should still print without a part fan, id bump up the temp 5-6 degrees and see if helps any.

The part in the pic I attached was printed at 70mm/s while I had terrible layer adhesion issues from the speed, i had no issues with overhangs or bridges.

Thanks for your replies.
The parts are strong in the z direction and i printed without support.