Questions before kickoff

Hello, I consider to build a MPCNC (ok, some parts are ordered already). Before I start I’d like to ask a few small questions to those who already built one to avoid some problems, it would be nice to get your input.

  • I think of a size for X/Y rails of ~1m (~40") and a Z axis of ~10-15cm (~4-6"). I plan to use it mostly for milling plastic, wood, maybe aluminium but would like to keep the option for little 3D printing jobs. Are these common values or should I reduce it?
  • In case I use smaller Z length for more precision, how big would be the effort to increase afterwards, is it really only extending Z rods and legs?
  • I read of a V2 in the forum, does it make sense to start now or should I wait for V2 to start?
  • Since I am from Germany, I have no easy access to Dewalt tools, I saw versions of MPCNC with Makita or Kress, any expirience what to use of these two?

That’s it for the moment, thanks in advance.

The 1 meter rails should be just fine. I built mine with three equal segments from a 10 foot conduit, which ends up being just a saw width less than 40 inches, or just over 1 meter.

The only other thing you might have to deal with when extending the Z axis would be wiring. It’s very easy to take that into consideration when building with a short Z axis. The difference in length isn’t a 1:1 ratio though so be aware of how you design wire routing, whether placing the wires in a chain, just draping them or going overhead.

V2 is a different type of product for cutting very large sheets and doesn’t really compete directly with the MPCNC.

Sorry, I’ve got no experience with routers other than the DeWalt. Someone else is liable to chime in though. :slight_smile:

Thank you Bill, very good point about the wiring, I plan to use some connectors inbetween, by this I could extend them easily.

I haven’t really found what the V2 will be, but if it works well for large sheets, it might also be slightly better at smale scale. Since I haven’t start printing yet, I still don’t know if it is worth to wait. Is there a plan for the release yet so that I can compare the differences?

Can I get some more information about V2?

“V2” is not released yet. Also it will be to cut big sheets, no aluminium milling or 3d printing based in what I’ve understood. I think you should go with current mpcnc if you want to do these kind of operations.

Thank you Martin. If the machine has a different purpose, I go with the current MPCNC

Are any user from Germany here? I got some problems to get the right conduit, I was searching in the local hw stores, ebay, other online steel suppliers, but I only found 25mm steel or stainless steel with 2mm or very rough 3/4 conduit. Does anybody have a hint where to find a good material?

I believe the IE (International edition) version of MPCNC-525 is sized for 25mm pipe and conduit. Just be sure you download and print the correct parts.

Hi Matthew,

I know about the different versions to build, my problem is that I can find no proper rails at all. I thought it should be no big problem to get 25mm pipes in Germany with a wall thickness of 1mm, but it seems very difficult instead. I am interested in what other people from Germany used to build it.