Questions- Squaring , homing

So I just built a new MPCNC and this is one of the first cut’s i’ve tried on wood with it.

When trying to cut out the actual sign I was making though it seems to have wandered off it’s actual path and started cutting out next

to where it should have been.

I believe it’s because the x and y axis were not squared, I was lucky that it worked during the engraving into the wood but I wasn’t lucky when it went to cut the outline.


Does this sound correct to you guys ? I realize now I should have squared it before I began.

Anything else you can think of to point me in the right direction?

picture attached.

I appreciate any help!

It has a pronounced angle so that would be my first guess. Hard to say, speed, that tiny knot, bit selection, machine size, all of that can play a part.

Second most likely would be moved in the clamp.

Thanks Ryan,

I’ll set it up again, making sure to square it tomorrow and see how it goes.

I was running a 1/8" ball nose bit at 20mm and spindle at 10,000 RPM




I’d say start slower.

also, what’s the best way to set the zero point for repetier?

currently i jog the gantry to where i want to start , I hit disconnect, and then reconnect…

I’m sure there’s a button I should press to properly do this but for the life of me i can’t see it




A couple other things I’d check would be the drivers/belts/pulleys for the horizontal axis as it looks like it skipped steps when it was doing the outline.

I believe it skipped steps because the axis wasn’t square and it almost bound a couple times…

Going to try reducing feed rate, squaring axis before starting and see what the result is.