Questions with 3d printer

Hi I want to 3d print with the mpcnc and I have a few questions..

II bought the extruder from the V1 site, it comes with a fan but it also reccommends a "print fan". What is the print fan and where is it mounted?

I bought a heated bed that i still need to assemble… … Is there anything else I need to do besides plugging it in?

It also reccomends additional fans to get more powers out of the steppers. Do those all get mounted to the steppers somehow?

I also have some drag chains on the way from amazon for wire management… Do you need to attach those to the steppers somehow?

The site reccomends extending wires for the extruder “for larger machines”, what defines a larger machine? My print area is 24"x24" with a frame size of about 32x32. What wires would I use to extend those?


Are there any additional parts im missing?

Thanks guys







The print fan is needed for PLa, and PETG. It goes in the little black funnel on the mount I made.

Yes, you have to make sure you activate the correct thermistor in the firmware for it and add power to the bed port.

Depending on your board and drivers, the ramps drivers can benefit from a fan, not the steppers.

Not my cup of tea.

If your extruder and bed wires do not reach your board you will need to extend them with similar sized wires or larger, I have some in the shop if you don’t have your own.


No idea, pictures go a long way. Start putting it together and look through the pages on the site. It should be fairly obvious what is needed as you go.