Quick laser question...

Not really a troubleshooting question but…

I have a nubm44 6w that I am replacing my previous 3watt with. Can I just drop in my nubm with the same amp setting and have it run at 3 watts with no issues? I had it running at 2 - 2.1 amps. (Just one of the cheap generic ebay drivers). Perhaps I will up the amps a little too

My 5amp driver has not arrived yet and I need my laser running like now for customer work for XMas.

@Leo69 or @vicious1

You can review datasheets to confirm but I think it’ll be fine. Running at lower current should be OK and voltage requirements tend to be the same based on wavelength from what I’ve seen. They’re both blue diodes at 445nm and 450nm so both probably run at about 5volts.

DTR’s little pictures of him running it show it running at 2 amps at 4.1 volts yielding 3.134 watts. Will running at 5 volts cause any issues do you think?

Found some references saying it will operate 3.5 volts - 14 volts. So voltage should not really matter 3.5 volts or less and it doesnt fire up by the sounds of it.

Yeah I think you’ll be fine. The constant current supply is much more important than the source voltage. Before you connect the diode and driver, touch a screwdriver or something across the laser output to make sure any residual charge in the capacitor is drained. I don’t think the nubm44 has the same static discharge protection that the ndb7875 does so you’ll just need to take care and avoid voltage spikes. Let us know how the x-wossee driver works out. I’m itching to get one myself.

Thank you for your help… I am back to making Christmas gifts LOL.

Once all this christmas craziness is done I can get back to perfecting my process for images on mirrors and canvas/wood.

I am also going to start designing a laser holder that will provide cooling via a TEC to the diode.